My postpartum weight loss plan!

We all know that women gain extra weight during pregnancy, all for good reason, but nonetheless annoying!

I have been researching a plan for my postpartum weight loss since I found out I was pregnant. Breast feeding plays a serious role in the weight loss plan considering you can burn up to 500 calories day..but what if you can’t breast feed? Or how long can you breast feed? I just felt like I needed a more solid plan of action. I want to be in pre baby shape and better within 6 months or less after baby. With that being said, health and nutrition are of the utmost importance to me!

I do plan on breast feeding and because of this, I’m going to need to maintain a healthy, safe diet plan since my baby will be relying on my nutrients for survival. Officially going in to mommy mode, I found a few things that I’m planning on doing to safely reclaim my pre baby body!



After much research, I came across the “Freshmommy” diet by “Freshology. Find out more about this diet on their site

Just a few quick reasons why I found this to be the best option for me.

1. It’s SUPER convenient
– delivered to your door, fresh, twice a week
– means I will be able to take the “what the hell am I going to eat,” question out of my daily routine.

2. Planned specifically for nursing mommas
– during the nursing period, a mother has to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet plan for the best health of your infant.
– takes the guesswork out of eating your meals. I always know I’m getting every ounce of nutrition that I need for me and my baby.

3. Portion control
– keeps me from over eating which we all know in return leads to weight gain.

4. Prepared by top chefs
– most prepared meal plans are gross and makes you quit before any results can be seen.
– these meals are said by many to be delicious and nutritious at the same time.

5. Celebrity endorsed
– definitely not the main reason for choosing this diet plan, but lets all be honest, if celebrities love it, it’s probably pretty good.

6. All natural proteins, no added hormones or preservatives
– all of which are terrible for your body and especially for your newborn!
– clean natural foods are the way to go!



The Belly bandit!

I plan on wearing this puppy day and night for the first 3 months. In many other cultures, wearing a corset after birth is a common thing. It helps to more quickly reshape your hips, push your organs back in to their original position and shrink your uterus back in to your pre pregnancy shape.

This has been worn and positively reviewed by so many women! uncomfortable Im sure, but 9 months of pregnancy sure isnt comfortable, whats another 3 months! Figured I’d give it a good try!





Along with these extra tricks, when given the green light by my doctor, I plan on working out in the gym 4 times a week. Keep posted on my blog for my upcoming workout routines!

Well there ya go! I know that my plan isn’t necessarily for everyone, but I felt I wanted to share, and  I hope some can use this information during their healthy and safe postpartum weight loss journey.

Much love,

Elaine Alden