Thanks for stopping by my blog where you will find everything from pregnancy fashion, workouts, recipes, to my top beauty tips and picks! I’m a model and mom to be with a beautiful baby boy coming in early August. I’ve made the pages and covers of Maxim, GQ, Sports Illustrated, FHM & more..with an extensive portfolio list! This blog was created to give everyone who visits a different look in to my personal world! Thank you for checking me out and I hope you enjoy!


11 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hey Gorgeous! I’ve just been told by a fabulous and wildly popular sports blog that I’ll be writing for their new Style and Beauty section. I’ll be featuring game day style of WAGs, and I’d love the chance to chat with you further about your personal favs! Are you up for it?

      • Completely understandable! Do you have access to my personal email address via the backend admin options for your blog comments? You could contact me that way, without sharing your details publicly!

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