I wasn’t able to get to posting my product pick yesterday, so I’ve done two for today!

Clarins new Double Serum is Uhhhhmazing!! If you don’t have it, go get it! This product literally makes your face flushed with color and vibrancy the second after you rub it on. It’s light and feels great on your skin. I use this bad boy every day, sometimes twice a day because I love the way it brightens my face within seconds. I would not replace this for a moisturizer, just add your favorite moisturizer on after the serum has set in!


Enjoy! Xx

This one is the AVEDA Tourmaline charged hydrating cream. I use this every night after a wash and once my Clarins serum sets in. It hydrates so well without feeling greasy and the Tourmaline has glowing effects! Double whammy!



4 thoughts on “Products!

    • Amazing, thank you so much. Sold out online but snagged a pair on ebay! Love the blog.. looking forward to reading more posts.

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