A Mans Easter Basket!

Around any holiday I tend to get rather creative! I love giving gifts and decorating accordingly. Easter is a favorite of mine, not just because of chocolate and pretty pastels, but because of the meaning! After all, JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS people!!! Haha!! This Easter I’m blessed to be able to have my Dad in town to celebrate this wonderful weekend! unfortunately my delectable and incredible future hubs will be traveling for basketball. 😦 However, that didnt stop me from making him an epic Easter basket so he could enjoy it when he gets home! Without further adieu…here are some of the goodies!!

First off, DOLLAR STORE SCORE! So many cute little baskets and accessories!

DAD Basket


HUBS basket


Both stuffed with little goodies that I know both absolutely love! From magazines and types of chocolate that peak their individual interests, to foam crowns and candy stuffed golf clubs!

Hope everyone can get a little inspired to make a quick and meaningful Easter basket for their loved ones! Enjoy your Easters lovebirds!!!



Baby Shower inspirations!

My little man is due on August 5, 2013! So naturally, I have been on a serious mission to create my dream baby shower! I’ve picked the most amazing planner in NYC, an we are both extremely excited for what is to come. Baby shower date is June 8th!! Here are a few of my inspirations, obviously I will post all my ACTUAL baby shower pictures with some fun surprises later on!








Finally updating my blog!!

Hi everyone! After much procrastination, I have FINALLY got my blog up and running. Yay! I hope you enjoy and follow all my updates on my pregnancy, day to day activies, workouts, recipes, alllll my beauty tricks, products that I love (there are so many,) my personal outfits as well as outfit inspirations and newest must-haves!!!

Thanks for visiting